2024Young Guns 2024-2025

selected group of athletes based out of Buffalo, NY, who look to raise the level of play in Buffalo, as well as improving the reputation of BUFFALO LACROSSE around the continent. The Team Px Prep Coaching Staff will push players harder than any other program in the country, as the competition will be the best there is. The growing Performax Lacrosse family’s mission of great lacrosse experiences & HARD WORK will be exhibited throughout this season and into the next.


Mostly Saturday Mornings & Wednesday Evenings @ Wiley

• October 8th
• October 11th
• October 14th
• October 18th

• October 21st
• October 28th
• October 31st
• November 1st
• November 2nd


• Brendan Barren
• Tyler Trammell
Recruiting Director
• Ryan O’Hagan
Face-Off Coach:
• Mike Moran
Goalie Coach
• Chris Courteau
Speed Coach
• Ben Holmes

Px Speed Process will be held on Saturday. More info to come.


Navigator Invitational
June 11

20th Annual Irondequoit Invitational
June 24-25

Hamburg EVT Memorial Lacrosse Tournament
July 22

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