Team Px Prep U17

A selected group of athletes based out of Buffalo, NY, who look to raise the level of play in Buffalo, as well as improving the reputation of BUFFALO LACROSSE around the continent. This Fall will consist of 10 weeks of HARD WORK on the practice field, and execution on the game field. The Team Px Prep Coaching Staff will push players harder than any other program in the country, as the competition faced this Fall will be the best there is. The growing Performax Lacrosse family’s mission of great lacrosse experiences & HARD WORK will be exhibited throughout this season and into the next.

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Wednesday Team Practices from 5:30pm-7:30pm at Field TBD.
Sunday Positional Practices from 5:30pm-7:30pm at St. Joes.
*Times will move earlier as sunset gets earlier*


• Michael Albert
• Mike Rautenstrauch
• Mike Moran
• Chris Courteau
• Kevin Lalley
• Tim Edwards


Team Px Prep GEAR:

• Game Gear (Pinnie & Shorts)
• Practice Gear (2 Shirts & 2 Shorts)
• Fall Package (Hoodie & Sweats)

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Capital Clash Team Tournament
November 13
University at Albany
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November 19-20
Baltimore, MD
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