Club North Week In Review

Mar. 7: Chiefs 6 vs. Red Army 6

The two teams traded goals in the first period, but the Chiefs didn’t have an answer for Red Army’s third goal of the first period and went into the second, down by one. Red Army would score one unanswered in the second and two more in the third. However, the Chiefs potted four in the third, including a 3-0 run to close out the game in a tie.

Mar. 9: Sabres Warriors 2 vs. Shooting Blanks 3

Shooting Blanks started things off, scoring just thirteen seconds into the game. They would add another in each of the final two periods while the Sabres Warriors could only muster two over the final two periods in the 3-2 loss.

Mar. 9: Honey Badgers 4 vs. Jesters 10

The game remained close after the first period with the Jesters holding onto a two goal lead. Each side would score one in the second and the Honey Badgers actually sniffed at a comeback early in the third. Unfortunately, five straight Jesters’ goal would quell that.

Mar. 9: Beer Chuggin Mavericks 2 vs. Shennanigans 3

The Mavericks scored the only goal of the first period, and despite ceding two in the second, would head into the third period, tied at two. After a long stretch of no scoring in the third, the Shennanigans finally found the back of the net with what would be the game winner.