Beta North Week In Review

Mar. 11: Bradford Ale House 5 vs. Essex St Pub 3

Bradford Ale House finished the first up by two before Essex was able to tie things up in the second. Regaining the lead before the start of the third, Bradford Ale House fought off another comeback attempt in the third for the 5-3 victory.

Mar. 11: Bar Down Bullies 10 vs. Fighting Hellfish 2

Bar Down Bullies dominated this one, scoring four unanswered in the first before the Fighting Hellfish broke onto the scoreboard. After two, this one was all but over at 7-2. Bar Down Bullies would add three more though in the third to finish it off.


Mar. 12: Stormtroopers vs. Five Holes

Due to worsening winter storm conditions, the game was cancelled.