Captain Responsibility

League Structure, Rules, and Captain Responsibilities

(USA Hockey Rules + Performax Hockey Guidelines) Rev: 5/2010

Player Discipline Committee:

  • Head Referee, Coordinating Captains, Member of WNYHA,
  • Frank Albert – Program Director Performax Hockey Systems,
  • Ed Ellis – League Administrator of Performax Hockey League.
  • Michael Albert – League Administrator of Performax Hockey League.

Prior to game start (check in with score keeper):

  • Each team is responsible for paying one of the refs $35 before game start
  • Captain is responsible for signing every player in on score sheet if player’s name is not already preprinted.
  • Captain is responsible for reviewing score sheet for accuracy of jersey #’s and making sure each player is wearing a number.
  • Captain is responsible for reviewing the score sheet after the game (either with the score keeper or using Pointstreak system on line) for accuracy and reviewing for suspensions.

Team roster will be compared to the list of individual players registering. No player name will be permanent on roster until registered and insured with USA Hockey/Performax Hockey. When roster is frozen any unregistered players names will be marked “ineligible”. Individual player registration consists of registering on line at and turning in the printed confirmation page to the score keeper at their first game.

Late players will not be allowed to enter the game after the start of the 2nd period.

Team rosters are frozen January 1st (for winter season) and week #5 of the summer season. All players participating in the playoffs must play in at least 2 of the last 5 regular season games, and in at least 7 games total for the winter season and in at least 4 games total for the summer season. Any player playing enough games but not registered will still be removed from playoffs.

Players not 19 by September 11th must receive clearance to play.

Any player who engages in a fight will be ejected from the game and receive an additional 2 game suspension. A second fight is termination
for the season
. A second fight in the playoffs may result in the suspension of the team captain on the same terms as the player.

An additional game misconduct given to a player results in ejection from the game and additional full next game scheduled.
A 3rd man in misconduct is an ejection from that game only.

Similar team jerseys are to be worn. Unique jersey # is required (taped on #’s are acceptable). Players with no numbers will be asked to go to locker room and tape a number on before they can play. We ask teams to bring second color jersey (away jerseys) in case of teams matching colors. Home team given color preference in case of matching colors. Check the website for team color designation.

Performax Hockey reserves the right to review any and all incidents on or off the ice, and respond with Player Discipline measures if needed.

Direct comments, concerns to in writing or through the Web site, .

3 levels of referee assignment are used as per skill/competition level.
Captain tracking sheet for rating referees and reporting serious incidents available through Frank Albert, 662-3420.

Captain’s responsible for on time financial payments made prior to game start via the head score keeper (Bob) or Ed (make sure you receive a receipt): Individual players also pay for USA Member Registration/Insurance $30 before their first game. USA insurance can be obtained at